Also, joining us doing double duty as co-host and performer, is Rhonda Hitchcock, who along with Shawn Royer, are also known as “Penny Anty”, a nod to the music business’s frailties and unpredictability.  They are long time collaborators and while their solo projects are thriving, they managed to find time to put together this bright and pleasurable duo effort.    This is their first appearance on the program!


Finally, one of our very favorite musicians and just all around wonderful people, Chava Cannon, rejoins us on the show.   Fresh from her performance at the Cancer Benefit at the “Last Resort” in Tempe, Chava will be sharing her latest compositions as well as giving us the low down on a benefit CD project currently underway with over a dozen local valley musicians!


Come, enjoy, relax and partake from another great menu of musical treats on the Arizona Music Cafe!


Josh Greene was born and raised in Fort Collins Colorado.  There he lived with family, also his band (dad did bass/guitar/harmonies/whatever else we worked out, and Jonah, his younger brother, did the best, most inventive drums he has ever heard).  It started as a family Irish band which kept Josh busy for the summer of 2006 after they appeared on Garisson Keillor’s ‘A Prairie Home Companion’.  As the years went on, they started to evolve in to the alternative acoustic folk-rock that they play today.  Josh has recorded two albums of current material entitled ‘Songs for People’ and ‘Time & Time Again’ (listed chronologically), both of which can be found on iTunes and other internet stores


Midnight Jonex  (Ty Cooper) is originally from Tempe, AZ and has lived here most of his life.  Midnight Jonez was initially just a little pet project of Ty’s. After both Afternoon Special and These City Lights disbanded, he was left with an array of unrecorded material and an obsessive need to still be doing music.  About two years ago he moved to Chicago IL to pursue a degree in film and it was there that he really started committing himself to writing music.  Now back in AZ for who knows how long and just trying to finally get out there and play some shows. 


 DUO 46  The American violin and guitar ensemble Duo46 (a.k.a. guitarist Matt Gould and violinist Beth Ilana Schneider-Gould) have created their own repertoire that warrants standing ovations. Their intriguing mix of music depicts the impressions and experiences of modern-day classical composers, capturing an array of style and emotion, ranging from Classical to Flamenco, Gypsy to Turkish, Jazz to Rock, Folk to Bartok, and New Age to the most Avante-Garde. With literally hundreds of original twentieth-century works for violin and guitar duo, double concertos, trios with piano (aka the Strung Out Trio), and collaborations with guest artists, including computers, this photogenic pair captivate audiences with their new repertoire and artistry.  


Jake  was born in Newark, NJ in 1981. Growing up with a father who listened to great rock and roll, music was always about rocking out and constant subjection to Seger, Cooper, and Floyd. His interest in creating music was sparked by a performer at a live concert in December of 2002. After that show, Jake had a strong desire to create music that was meaningful, that people could relate to and feel. “My brother, now also a musician, had an old cheap electric with 5 strings, I convinced him to let me buy it for 40 bucks,” Jake explains. “I’d get home from work and pick it up every night.”   Now Jake is all over the valley playing and continuing to establish himself as a performer, with appearances at Madcap Theater and other venues, including this radio show!   Welcome back Jake!



Karina Brodesser, longtime Arizona singer and songwriter whom we met at the Songwriters Challenge last week.   Her husband is a long time luthier (that’s guitar maker for most of us), and they divide their time between Flagstaff and Phoenix.   


Also joining us is James Cole, 15 year Arizona resident who has reunited with his long time guitar accompanist from Kansas City and performs around the valley.   


We welcome back Bill Wickham and Cole Kite, better known as Wick and Cole.   Storytellers and great musicians, they are bringing Steve Thomas, one of the best string men (mandolin / banjo / fiddle) in the valley, to sit in with us and that will be a lot of fun!


Periodically we feature an aficionado with an instrument that doesn’t always get center stage, this week, we welcome to the show Omar Domkus who does wonderful things on the bass guitar and will take us in a variety of musical directions.  This is always entertaining and we know you will enjoy it!









Justin Wright  In 1989, Justin won Male Volcalist of the Year and New Independent Artist of the Year with 4 top 40 singles and one no.1 hit! He’s been in music since the tender age of six and has become a seasoned veteran who has worked with such artists as Don Gibson, Hank Thompson, Jeannie c. Riley, Jessie Colter and more. Justin’s new album is called “I’m Too Country” It’s looking to be a great year for this blue eye’d cowboy who will leave you wanting more!   We have been trying to get Justin on the program since last fall, but he just won’t stay in one place long enough.   Well, finally we managed to corral him and we are excited to get him on the show!


JD Madrid was born in Colorado Springs in 1963 and learned to play acoustic guitar at around the age of 17 and started writing his own songs at about the same time. In July (’06), he got back from a European Tour where he was promoting a self-produced CD, “Why Shouldn’t I?”. Played 30 shows in 35 days in clubs, bars & restaurants throughout Scotland, England, Denmark, Germany and the Czech Republic. Currently he is playing for audiences in the Phoenix area mostly as a solo performer and he has also formed multiple combos including several duo partners, an acoustic trio and a rock/dance band with a team of extraordinarily talented musicians.  Welcome JD!


Robert Galvan was born in Las Vegas, but raised in Arizona.  Currently an ASU business student, Robert has been playing guitar and writing songs in the valley for the past 2 years, after a wrestling injury adjusted his focus from sports to music.   Self taught, Robert enjoys great songwriting, and participates wherever he can in the local music scene, as he improves his craft and meets new people.   We met Robert at the last Songwriters Challenge and were impressed with his jazzy upbeat guitar playing and well built lyrics.  Hope you are too! 


Sydney Sprague  Releasing her first acoustic EP in early 2008 (the aptly titled You Gotta Start Somewhere), Sydney quickly established herself as a songwriter that defies standard genre fare. Garnering stellar reviews from Grammy-winning writers Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick, as well as comparisons to widely varied female songwriters such as Nora Jones, Feist and Cat Power to groups like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s and the Cardigans, Sydney’s material runs the gamut from strongly emotive folk-music to brash and forceful indie-rock. Sydney’s most recent collaboration with Shane Hunt has resulted in her new EP “Do You Hear Me?”   We welcome Sydney back to the program! 


8-02-09 -  This was our Sampler show where we feature a variety of artists and styles and fit in as much music as we can in 2 hours!   If you missed it, you can check it out on the Podcast page.  Along of course with ALL our previous shows!   Many hours of magic await you!   Don’t miss any of it! 

7-26-09- We got a little behind the 8 ball and didn’t get our lineup posted before airtime, so we are posting it now on the “previously on the show” page.   No worries!  You can go back and listen on the podcast to all our shows and we wouldn’t want you to miss this one!  We featured first time guest Whitney Steele and some wonderful new music from her new CD.  Also joining us were Valley songwriters voted by their peers as best in class for their renditions of “You Should Know”.   Gregg Myers, Patrice Higgins, Casey Lee Smith, Eric Laubach and Kathy Mabry all joined in for a Songwriters Forum and talked about and performed their unique versions.  The host had a blast!  And we hope you did too!


Digital Blues is a group of seasoned musicians that have come together to create a unique and original sound combining jazz, blues and rock. Each band member brings a different blend of talent and experience for a truly new and exciting kind of music. With backgrounds in almost every genre, they bring a diverse mixture and new sound to the “valley of the sun”. Catch these cats and dig the new sound of Digital Blues.   They’re good!


Tramps & Thieves has been slugging it out in Valley bars and clubs and touring cross-country for six years.  They’ve recorded three CDs, including the latest called Perennials (2008), and last year one of their songs, “Porcupine Jacket,” was featured in the comedy movie “Sex Drive.”  Lead guitar player Emmet DeGuvera is originally from Detroit as is his songwriting partner J. Scott Howard.  Andy Jensen, their bass player, is from Minneapolis and Ryan Ferguson, the drummer, is from Columbus.  They’re currently working on songs for their fourth CD.  They love playing together and they are also pretty sure that they are the tallest band in the Southwest


Amy CourtsAmy Courts shows with effortless fluency that she is indeed here to stay. With her trademark impassioned vocals, captivating melodies, and audacious honesty, she ably takes on love, heartache, spirituality, and personal demons. Though her voice and songs invoke inevitable comparisons to great singer-songwriters like Jennifer Knapp, Patty Griffin, and Derek Webb, her sound and experience are uniquely her own, and are delivered with a rare distinction.


Mariah Secrest – For 25-year-old singer/songwriter Mariah Secrest, music is a way to connect with something deeper than what we see on the surface. Drawing from such influences as Lifehouse and Plumb, her music is highly introspective and emotive. Whether a simple acoustic ballad or a driving rhythm, she writes music straight from life.   Mariah visits the AZ MUSIC CAFÉ from Tucson on tour with Amy Courts on the “Activate Tour” and we are excited to have them both on the show!


The Unknown Guests:  How fun is this!   4 guests’ renditions of “You Should Know” selected specifically by their peers!  The audience will select the favorites who will appear on the show!   We don’t know who they are yet, but they won’t be wearing paper bags!   (Doesn’t look good on radio!) 

Actually we DO know who they are now, since this is the morning after, but we will surprise you! J  


We had the inimitable Mr Jim Pipkin joining us to catch us up on his musical goings on and listening to him perform some of the fine songs on his latest CD “Rebel Souvenirs”.   Last time Jim was on, he was fresh from the CD Debut party.      

Also, we met from Jake from points Northwest and of course, now here in the Valley of the Sun.  Jake joined us and shared his special brand of guitar and told us about his EP “Dandelions”

One of our very favorite singers and songwriters returned to the AZ MUSIC CAFÉ, Bob Villa is a prolific and talented Native American musician with a wonderful voice and turn of phrase.  Always entertaining and a valley favorite, we were glad to have him back!   



Well, the year is half over this week, and what a year it has been!   Our guests this week were amazing.   From points east (a bit), we welcomed Sunset Route to the program, a great country duo !   Rod Kent and Curtis Stevenson make up this very talented duo.  Sharing lead vocals over their road seasoned melodies creates a distinct sound that helps translate their stories into a wonderfully pleasurable listening experience.
Also joining us was Carlos Solorzano, an amazing percussionist and drummer from the Tucson area, he is better known as the Desert Drummer and he will show us a thing or twelve, I am sure!   How much of his kit we will fit in the studio is another question.

We also had Eric Laubach with us this week, who brings a great sense of humor to a folk based guitar style.    Eric is a very entertaining and talented performer and songwriter whose only failing is the poor spelling of his first name!  (Host Joke)

Finally, one of our very favorites Chava Cannon, made an appearance on the program shared with us what she has been doing and some of her latest compositions!   Chava hosts an open mic at Cup O Karma, one of our sponsors, and is a regular contributor to the Colgate Country Showdown event where she placed second last year.


Our guests were: Stanley Fidel, a veteran lyricist who joined us to talk about his work and shared some of his compositions!   Also Wick and Cole who parlayed a chance meeting in Black Canyon City, into a performing rollicking country duo who perform all over the valley.   On the more youthful front, we had an outstanding country artist: Casey Lee Smith is a country singer songwriter who made his debut appearance on the Arizona Music Cafe program, he brought a lot of energy and some new songs with him!

But wait there’s more! Krystal Baker joined us and brought her customary energy and talent to bear on a reprise appearance, we talked about the Waters project, and caught up on her year so far!  Sturgis Waters joined her and accompanied her with some very fine guitar playing!


Some of our favorite Arizona musicians were featured on our Mothers Day show…..starting out with Steve Decker with an aptly penned song for the occasion, and then featuring wonderful music by Brittney Elizabeth, Todd Baio, Darin Mahoney, Joe Myers, Hans Olson, Mary Hoffman, Ashley Norton, Robin Lore, Bob Ryan, Instant Hobo, Jenny Lynn, Joe Bethancourt and Jody Gnant.  We will rebroadcast that show in June, because due to technical difficulties, we were not able to get it out there, but the station has generously promised us a reprise!   Stay tuned!


Guests:  Hope Ladder, Jen Powelson from

Haven James, Matt Moran, Annrenee Jones

and Rocky Road


More with the Chicks with Picks!

Co Host Rhonda Hitchcock with Az Chicks with Picks and guests:

Jenny Lynn Ashley Norton Robin Lore Carrie Lynn

We had a great time with the girls and heard some great music …….plus we  heard from Rhonda on what’s new and coming up with the Chicks!

4-19-09 - OUR 50th!!





Local guitar legend Steve Larson, formerly of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and Dead Hot Workshop – and singer/songwriter James Parks have joined together to form a new Southern Rock band they’ve named Larson Parks. Each still pursuing their own solo careers as well, they are garnering immediate attention from the Arizona music scene with their newly formed band.  No sooner had they decided upon a name when they were booked for all 4 nights of Country Thunder earlier this month. After entertaining the crowds there, they threw their amps and generators into a truck and headed out to the campgrounds to provide entertainment for the thousands of fans camping out. James, with his Southern Rock roots, and Steve, with his heavily influenced Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash sound, have come together to form a band that is taking Arizona by storm.  You don’t want to miss these two incredible singer/songwriter/musicians together.

Todd Baio has been an active musician for 20 years. His live music work experience is vast and varied. He has played everywhere from colleges to clubs, to churches, bookstores, coffee shops, private parties and family events. His passion is for playing simple acoustic music that is interactive, fun and that can be tailored to a multitude of situations. Todd’s song choices have a fresh feel while being firmly rooted in the folk traditions of the past. He draws upon both adult and children’s music from great artists such as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Leadbelly as well as contemporary artists such as Riaffi, Dan Zanes,as well as writing originals himself. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Todd uses guitar, ukelele, harmonica, kazoo, various vocal techniquest and varrious percussion instruments in his presentations. Todd is one of our favorites, and we hope you get the Todd Baio addiction so he can continue to succumb to his ukelele addiction without having to steal the family jewels!

Country? Folk? How about some smooth Jazz guitar? Listen to the wonderful Jazz guitar stylings of the Vandal/Hancock duo.  They are Matt Vandal and Devon Hancock and they play a wide variety of Jazz; from standards, bossa nova, contemporary, as well as original compositions. You can usually find them at Nouveau Bistro on Sundays at 6pm, but they also play various venues throughout Chandler and the Valley. They have a nice easy sound and complement each other well! They compliment us by joining us on the menu!


Joe Bethancourt is one of Arizona’s treasures and has been bringing his special touch to bear on the banjo and many other instruments for almost four decades. As a previous guest once intoned, once you start talking decades, you are in legend territory. Joe certainly qualifies on the basis of time AND talent. His styles range from country to Celtic, to folk to bluegrass and a bit of medieval and rennaisance just to even out the playing field. Joe plays banjo, guitar, bagpipes, mandolin and a lot more instruments and specializes in the music of southern Appalachia and the Ozarks, where he spent time as a youth. Aficionados will remember Joe as a fixture at Funny Fellows Sandwich joint in Phoenix for many moons. We hope that you get a hankering for a lot more when you hear him on the Café!

Jon Iger, President of the AZ SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION and Terri Sussman , President of the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame (AMEHOF) also join us on the program to tell us about what’s new in their organizations and the importance of what they are doing that is vital to the local music community here in Arizona. If you haven’t been involved in the richness of Arizona local music and would like to be, they are the ones to contact! They’ll fill us in on the show this Sunday on what they are all about!

April 12th was our Easter Sampler show, a potpourri of artists from previous shows with some of their recorded music!  We came back live on the 19th!


This was a fun one!  Hans Olson, Eddie Elliot, Star Unknown, Joe Myers and Jimmy Pines helped us get the word out about St Mary’s Food Bank and food for the hungry!  We were hungry for good music and had lots to spare!

3-29-09 Arizona Music Expo Live Remote!

We had a wonderful show with live performances from Darin Mahoney, Mary Hoffman, Gregg Myers, Jeff Carter and Gavan Weiser.   PLUS we had a nice interview and visit from Roger Clyne from Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, who will be performing at the Tempe Music Festival on April 3rd!

3-22-09 Celtic Music Showcase!

Pat McCrossan from the Irish Music Society and a variety of guests performed Celtic music (seems like an appropriate week to do so), as we met some very fine performers and explored this genre on the AZ MUSIC CAFE program.


Rachel Oludiji I know alot of you have been asking about where you can find some downloads and what not. Well I am currently working on an album with Telekon studios and we are hoping to have the release date sometime in the beginning of May.”  She will keep us posted!   Give her a warm welcome to the show (wherever you are!)

Elizabeth Chamberlain16 years old is a fun-loving, and driven young artist from Phoenix, AZ. She started piano at the age of 5, singing at 9 and began learning guitar at 14. She has already worked with many different producers in both Los Angeles and Phoenix, creating unique music with a style all her own. Her funky style is tempered by soul that reaches beyond her years. Her music combines rock, pop as well as blues and funk. Elizabeth’s vocals are soulful, and hauntingly rich.    Welcome Elizabeth!

Candace Aragon i’m candice. i’m an artist. i’m a singer. a writer….i like macaroni. blues make me sad. babies make me happy. i’m filled with love. i wanna make jam in the country. i hug often. my fingernails are never fully painted. i have no family. i draw on myself, i always will. i love tangerine-flavored anything. i wanna be a rockstar. i am a rockstar. and i’m ok.”   We think so too!




Riley Erin turned 14 this year and has been playing piano & guitar since age 11 when she wrote her first full original song “All Because Of You.” She has recently begun to play local venues, festivals and youth events in the Phoenix & Tucson area and often plays acoustic sets although she occasionally brings a full band with her for performances.  We are pleased to welcome Riley to the AZ MUSIC CAFÉ!
Kashlee ClausenHowdy :) I am Kashlee Clausen. I never put my guitar down and do a happy dance everytime I get a new subscriber on youtube..” (and hopefully when she gets on the radio!)   “This is where original songs of whatever genre get posted, and where I network with all you other cool cats who have the same dream I do. Music is my thang, hope you enjoy it. :) ”    Us too!
Meridith Moore hails from Omaha Nebraska and is now residing in the Phoenix Valley. She moved to the desert four years ago to pursue an education at ASU, and a music career. In 06′, Meridith played, recorded, and wrote music with Scotty Johnson (guitarist for the Gin Blossoms). In 07′ she met Mikel Lander (local blues guitarist) and together they started an acoustic duo project which evolved and grew nearly overnight. Their sound was unlike any other. The two now have a Blues/Roots band called “The Sugartheives”. On October 5th 2008, they won the Arizona State Blues Competition and were voted best blues band in the state. From there, they went on to compete in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis on Feb. 5th 2009 where they were voted in to the top ten and went on to play the finals. They’ve also shared a stage with Robert Randolph, Blues Traveler, Warren Haynes, and The Whailers at the 2008 Mcdowell Mountain Music Festival in Scottsdale. In May of 2008, they released their first album “The Soulo Sessions”.
3-8-09Teri Undreiner in her own words, “I have lived in Phx, Az. all my life and have 3 children. I started singing at a very young age in my garage, using a long lampstand as a microphone. My good friend and I would hold “shows” in that same garage. When I was 14, my parents bought me a guitar for my B-day. I began writing songs and playing and can’t stop! I’m working on my third recording now and hope to finish it this year.” Great faith, great songs and a great voice! (In our own words)
One Foot In The Grave
is presumably the only punk rock band from the retirement community of Sun
City, Arizona, USA. With an average age of sixty-something, JoDina
(vocals and licensed embalming), Gavan Wieser (bass), Dan Wall (guitar),
Ray Kosturik (drums) and Vince Rosselli (???) brew their own concoction of
Geritol and punk. Their repertoire features such geriatric originals as
“Menopause”, “Sun City Rocks” and “Golf Cart Drivers From Hell” as well
as covers of tunes by The Ramones, The Violent Femmes and Green Day.
Smoot Mahooty
(the duo) puts out a huge band sound for a couple guys who started playing
together 27 years ago in rural Ohio. With Tom Bertling’s incredible vocals
and acoustic guitar, along with Kevin Mauch’s “couldn’t keep up if you
wanted to” bass playing, they create many different sounds. Tom, who is a
prolific writer, has never settled for playing or creating one type of music.
All who see and hear Kevin play, know his skills are untouchable and inspiring.
Speaking as the host, you should check out “Along for the Ride”, their CD
release featuring them at their best! It’s a keeper, glad to have had them
back on the program!
Michael Garfield
“[Michael's music is] edgy, yet completely relaxed. It’s base, yet completely
angelic. It makes one want to dance, and to think, and to pray, and to
share it inside a crowd. Plus it’s awkwardly alive to the point I feel like
I’m listening through my skin. Entertaining songs that completely upend the
stereotypes of what one may think of as intelligent music… instantly
memorable and utterly magnetic tunes whose authenticity and sweetness is
boundary breaking.” Paul Lonely
Jody Gnant
dives into her life and pulls out the musical snapshots. She sings about
innocence and lost loves, vanity and self-reflection, life as we know it -
and life as we want it to be. Her soulful mezzo-soprano voice fits the bluesy,
funk-inflected material she writes. Her influences seem to come from various
sources, including the blue-eyed soul of Bonnie Bramlett and the more
accessible jazz of Diana Krall and Norah Jones.



Daisy Mallory
is from Cave Creek, Arizona. Playing guitar since she was 9 years old,
Daisy is now the youngest member of the Arizona Songwriters Association.
She has written 30 songs and is no stranger to performing. She plays at
local clubs, restaurants and weddings in and around Cave Creek, and was
Junior AZ Idol in the spring of 2007. Daisy has also performed with Arizona
Chicks and continues to grow as a musician and songwriters. After a recent
trip to Nashville, Daisy came back with some excellent news which she will
share on the program!

Finch Williams
It was just six short years ago that Finch Williams, starting out new, found
himself faced with some challenges in life. The gigs started coming after some
tough early days, and his following grew. Doors began to open and offers for
upscale outdoor events started rolling in. Finch jumped on the opportunity,
often armed with no more than his six string flattop. Fate again was
with Finch when he was introduced to multi-talented hit producer Johnny
Mulhair (producer of Leann Rimes, Blue and Unchained Melody albums). Johnny
and Finch clicked right off the bat. The result is a brand new CD My Life’s
Road just released.

Fred Buck
started singing Volare when he was 3. He got his first 45 record of Elvis
closely followed by the Beatles and he played the tennis racket while
listening and playing along. He got a Bob Dylan record when he was 15. John
Wesley Harding and then traced Dylan backwards to eventually find Woody
Guthrie. He figured out a harmonica was easier to carry around and he would
put records on by Sonny Boy Williamson, Sonny Terry, Little Walter and learn
harmonica licks. Today Fred does original songs and covers of Woody Guthrie
and others. You’ll enjoy Fred’s easy going manner and sense of humor. We
welcome Fred to the Arizona Music Cafeé!

Le Latcho Drom
is a swing jazz band influenced by French/Romany Gypsy, Django Reinhardt.
The band got it’s name from a Romany phrase meaning “Safe Journey.” The
band consists of 3 members, Craig Morby (Rhythm Guitar), Shawna Morby,
(Vocals, Violin, Kazoo, & Bass), and Ryan Picone (Lead Guitar).
It plays an ecclectic mix of originals, Django Reinhardt standards, and
American jazz standards. There is diversity of style and instrumentation
among the 3 members of the band. Craig’s Rhythmic strumming of the Jazz
Manouche style started by Django Reinhardt, keeps a thick steady sound
while Ryan creates haunting and lilting melodies in his leads. Shawna
vocalizes a sultry melody or switches to violin or bass to add texture and
diversity in each song. Along with great music, the trio offers a good
time and will not miss an opportunity to share good music with others.

Jon Iger
started the Arizona Songwriters Association which holds
monthly seminars and workshops for songwriters, musicians, and
bands, and have kept it going for well over 20 years. Az Songwriters
Association is led by active professional and amateur songwriters and is
committed to the development and recognition of Arizona composers, lyricists
and songwriters. Jon is also a songwriter and musician and performs
throughout the valley often accompanying artists whom he has helped over
the years. Arizona owes a lot to Jon Iger and his continuing efforts on
behalf of local music.


John Fiddler
is a British blues veteran of truly historic proportions having fronted
Medicine Head, British Lions, Box of Frogs and various solo projects over
his lengthy and notable career. His distinctive rootsy, bluesy, rocking
sound continues to be timeless and the centerpiece of his most recent project,
Big Buffalo. John is now part of the Phoenix music landscape and we were
fortunate to corral him long enough to spend some time on the show!

Paul Raja
My motto is “Honor all beings.” I love being around people I love the
human connections that people make through storytelling … the shared
experience, the tales of courage and strength or simply wonder. Music is the
vibration we all find harmony in. So I seek out festivals and people who
create the harmony and the poetry so that others can enjoy it, and be inspired to create it, one bold breath at a time.

Psychedelic Mooj
Compared to such legendary artists as Humble Pie, Wishbone Ash and
Robin Trower, Psychedelic Mooj is a Phoenix jam band with a fusion of
raw psychedelic blues and early 70′s influenced psychedelic rock. With two
full-length studio albums now under their belt, they are hoping to broaden
their appeal beyond the borders of Arizona and collect fans from all over the

Greg Shelden and Keri Maschino are 2/3 of the “Blues Dinosaurs” and performers of notable reknown, appearing at various venues throughout the valley and appear sharing their love for blues standards and soulful interpretations of classic artists like John Prine, Robert Cray and many, many more. Greg’s wonderful guitar treatments and Kari’s velvet voice make this combination delicious and unbeatable pure enjoyment!


Steve Decker grew up in small Arizona towns from Page to
Hayden riding horseback round the hills, collecting rocks, lizards and
enjoying Arizona’s back country. At some point in his wandering he picked
up the guitar and never put it down. He got the bug for performing at open
mic’s like Fiddler’s Dream, Fatso’s Pizza, and The Music Corner and now
performs at a many Arizona venues and festivals. Proud to be one of Audrey’s
Angels, Steve entertains in assisted living facilities hoping to bring a
little joy and music into older folks’ days. Steve has built a repertoire
that includes old standards, good old country songs, rock, blues and pop.

Andy Hurlbut
Lon Austin are seen
together (and separately) at Fiddlers’ Dream, the Paisley Violin and
other acoustic venues throughout the valley. These folks are talented
songwriters and musicians and we are finally getting them to appear on the
program, after many months of scheduling mishaps. They are also the
founders and genesis of the 2nd Sunday Consortium and also “consort” with
Steve Decker and Tom Whitlock. I can’t do either of them justice in a
few short sentences, so you will enjoy have to enjoy the pure Americana
(And Arizonana (sic)). Trust me, the stories and music are authentic and
wonderful to listen to. Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

Buckshot Dot
is an Arizona original. She’s published three recordings of favorite western
classics and original songs and poems, four books featuring original
poems, songs and artwork, and a video. Buckshot Dot is a favorite at
Cowboy Poetry Gatherings, and performs professionally at events and
festivals “for the love of it!” “The only thing better than reading Dee’s
poems is to sit in the audience and watch her perform them.” So
says Marshall Trimble the Official Arizona State Historian. Dot was voted
Female Cowboy Poet of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists.

Brittney Elizabeth
Many a dream may be laying dormant in waiting, but for Brittney Elizabeth,
being a recording artist on the brink of stardom is not one of them.
The 20-year-old singer/songwriter is poised to take the music world’s
breath away with her debut album, Breath In, a heartfelt collection of
tunes documenting a young woman’s introspective look back on the
heartbreaking journey of first love. It’s a well-worn path covered in
song, though rarely with the purity of voice and confidence of an artist
confessing she’s still not ready to exhale. Brittney began songwriting at
17 years. She began professional voice classes, which expanded to
include guitar lessons, acting classes and roles in community theater
musicals. Now with her release of “Breath In”, she is ready to take
on the next challenge!


JT Reno
joined us all the way from Marana and shared from
his new CD “Lights of Home”. Reno & the House of Stone are musicians
who have the experience and the heart to put forth a fantastic memorable music
experience.  They have played 68th annual Sturgis bike rally, and have
been accepted for a USO tour. Prior to recording the CD in Nashville,
JT was a part of a fantastic Christian rock group featuring all original
music in Tucson, Arizona. JT sang with this large Church for 8 years.
The music was Christian Rock with practical advice for everyday living;
it rocked!

Jim Woodford is a Phoenix born and raised local boy who’s seen lots of
changes. Has performed at Desert Haven Rehabilition Center, 2007 New Times
10K, pre-worship music at church, various ‘open mics’, being mentored by
fellow musician Alden Powers, working with pianst Ben Merkle and planning a
spring CD.

Heath Patric
is a local Mesa artist who has lived all over the valley and Arizona and
is influenced by a wide variety of music from classical to punk. From
his earliest memories with a Red Epiphone guitar, he built his
songwriting skills and performing around the valley. Maybe his appearance
on the program was another notch in his guitar!

Sean Mullaney
has lived in the valley for 6 years now, originally
from a small town in Pennsylvania, Sean has that small town feeling mixed with
the dreams of the city life. He has been performing for 5 years now,
just recently recording his demo with TallCat Productions he is excited for
what is to come. He was recently a semi-fianlist in
Idol In Skye this past summer and aims to leaves his mark in country music in
the near future!

Harley Jay is a returning alumnus to the show having performed on the
program in early August and lots has happened for Harley since we saw him
last, most notably his project “Without Wax” is now released and available!
His talent runs the gamut from Broadway to Beale Street. From New York to
Nashville, Harley is a musician, songwriter, actor… and Eagle Scout!
Harley will be performing at Westworld in Scottsdale with James Otto on
February 14th, so you won’t want to miss him!


On this edition of the AZ Music Café we featured 18 of Arizona’s best
local artists! Hear great selections from
Landon Shill, Kerry Jackson, Kip Fox, Home Jones,
Jeordie, Darin Mahoney, Shawn Royer,
Finch Williams, Dave Greer, Tyler Christensen,
Chris Burton Jácome, Steve Albright, Todd Baio,
Duet, Instant Hobo and Jim Pipkin.
And, fresh from American Idol, Scott MacIntyre’s collaboration with his
brother Todd, “The Glutes”. Check out the podcast!


Jeff Dayton
returns to the AZ Music Café bringing with him songs and stories from
his extraordinary career as bandleader for Glen Campbell, Nashville songwriter
and session sideman, in addition to his own bands and performances over the
years with Lee Greewood and Kenny Chesney. Jeff Dayton has had
“an awesome musical life so far. All I’ve ever wanted out of this was to
grow as a player, writer and a person, create something real and valuable and
to share that with others.” It looks like he has a wealth to give away

Dave Greer
is a country and western traditionalist, who has written nearly 70 songs.
His influences and favorites are George Strait, Kenny Chesney, Merle Haggard
and Tracy Lawrence. He is planning a trip back to Nashville to finish the
CD that he started. Dave has a very easy to listen to voice that you can’t
get enough of.

Jeffrey Holden
grew up in Houston Texas and moved to Phoenix at the age of nine.
After graduating from Metropolitan Arts Institute, he studied music at
Phoenix College and had the opportunity to practice with the famous Three
Mo Tenors. His dream is to become a music producer and he currently performs
with the band Home Jones. Home Jones is comprised of seven talented artists
who write their own music and play original tunes. Crystal Torres, the
trumpet player for Beyonce’s all girl band occasionally plays with our
band when she’s in town. Great Sounds … I can vouch for that!

Tom Whitlock grew up all over World but mostly in Virginia and
Michigan, and many would say in Arizona over the 33 years he has lived here.
“Wrote my first song while in college to my current, but then wife to be.
She married me anyway!” Tom is a frequent performer at open mics and
acoustic venues in the valley and loves music and is a regular contributor to
the AZ Songwriter’s Challenges.


Shay Veno
is a Phoenix Native. Lived on East Coast,
(New Hampshire, Worcester, Mass, New Haven, CT) for a number of years.
Returned to the Valley in 1997. Performed in local Irish band “The Clare
Voyants” 98-2006. Recorded 2 albums. Song “The Dangerous Ones” was featured in
a short film by local filmakers, the Ronald Brothers. He is currently
performing on most weekends and attending school, training to become an
American Sign Language Interpreter.

Kerry Jackson
talked about his amazing project “Beat the Meatles” and we
heard some great music from his CD and the whole story on how this amazing
album was produced. Before the digital age,
when Indie was a movie hero, not a music movement, back in the dark ages of
1982, Kerry assembled his songs, and nearly singlehandedly put together this
wonderful collection. This story could only happen in real life!

Tyler Christensen
is the Quintessential Indie Musician, Tyler Christensen (SuperNormal Tyler)
has been dragging his songs and his bones all over this globe since
the age of 15. In January of 2008, Tyler founded and launched SuperNormal
an independent record label devoted to musicians like himself. Tyler has
honed a stage presence unique and enthralling, and backs it up with solid,
well-crafted songs. Forgoing his love for a full-band line up years ago,
Tyler is a one-man show.

Hannes Kvaran
performs mostly self-composed extended stories on guitar and voice.
These include his musical biographies of Galileo and Columbus, his
allegorical histories of the U.S. and European philosophy, and his latest
composition, a 13th century Icelandic saga. Hannes is a wonderful guitarist,
and has made appearances on the show before as sideman to Linda Bilque and
Walt Richardson.

AJ Brown
grew up in Kansas City, and picked up a guitar at the age of 15.
AJ fell in love with it and has been at it ever since. He came to the
valley 11 years ago, and them moved up to the N.W. and has been there for the
past 6 years. AJ started playing professionally there. Back in the valley
since the Fall of 2008, AJ has played at many venues and festivals and his
passion is all about the music. Groove driven structures bring about a
sound of Rock-n-roll infused with Jazz, Funk, and Country.

Special guest Ariel Hyatt joined us for an interview to talk about
Musicians PR: Using the Internet and Social Media to move you forward!


Landon Shill is a Payson, AZ local and an accomplished musician
of the Phoenix metro area. Landon, a singer/songwriter, released his
new alternative rock/country album “Start a Fire” in August of 2008.
Breaking into the major music scene, Landon has been blessed with success.
Making a breakthrough with live performances, the energy at his live shows is
worth seeing. Landon said, “I like to write songs from another person’s
point of view and influence them with my own emotions. Sometimes I
imagine myself in a certain situation when I write. Sometimes I am in
that situation and other people’s emotions influence me and my songwriting.”

Cottonwood Stone
is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and
is a singer/songwriter who has traveled throughout the United States
sharing her music. She writes and performs songs that are positive
and uplifting using her guitar, wooden flute, percussion and voice.
It’s been said that her songs are gentle and healing like the heartbeat of
the Earth. Cottonwood is fortunate to have had musicians such as
Pete Huttlinger and Mack Bailey record on her CDs, and to have opened
up for such acts as Cassandra Denver, John Sommers (writer of ‘Thank God I’m
a Country Boy’) and Mack Bailey. Cottonwood has 3 CD’s to her credit:
Home – songs of home and family, Beyond Myself – songs of inspiration,
Reflection – songs of love and nature.

R. Mark Fogelson
By intrinsic definition, Folk Music is
just what it sounds like: music of the people. The songs of R. Mark
Fogelson capture this essence of traditional Folk by focusing
on human stories, emotions and triumphs. His songs hearken back to
an era when storytellers handed tales down through generations,
yet they remain powerful commentary about the rapidly changing world
in which we live. At his live shows, Mark explains to the
audience how each song came to him, and listeners are truly captivated
by his narratives. His songs range in theme from family, such as in
Sometimes it Seems, to new beginnings, as described in Plant New Dreams.
Mark also brings smiles to audiences’ faces with songs such as
If Jesus Was Norwegian and B.S. Song. Listeners find his music approachable,
heartwarming, humorous, and thought provoking.


We rang in the New Year right with a 2 Hour Sampler Show to kick things
off for 2009. We packed the show with 18 Arizona singers and songwriters
and a selection of music that you will find pleasing to the AZ Music
Café late and soothing to the post holiday spirit.
Relax to the sounds of
Jim Pipkin,
Don Maloney,
Kip Fox,
Mary Hoffman,
Instant Hobo,
Linda Bilque,
Walt Richardson and Hannes Kvaran,
Bob Ryan,
Steve Albright,
Shawn Royer,
Playground Legends,
Alan Harkrader,
Chris Burton Jácome,
Ron Gallagher,
Todd Baio,
Rhonda Towns and
Haven James.
Check out the podcast for a great collection of great songs by some
really fine artists. They are all linked on the website, so you can
check them out and see where they are playing and where you can find
their music!

–> 2008 Guests

HANS OLSON is a veteran performing musician with over 40 years in the music business. He began his career as a lead singer in a Rock & Roll band in Southern California in 1967. By 1970, Hans had developed a very unique and powerful solo act. Hans has been a full time performing musician since 1972. He tours all over the world, but most of the time he travels the highways in Arizona where he has an amazing reputation of being a solo act that can rock a nightclub all night long.

He plays an amplified acoustic guitar and harmonica and is known as one of the best “harp-in-a-rack” players in the world. Hans’ singing is very powerful. His voice is comfortable singing many styles of music ranging from mellow folk ballads to growling boogie blues. Hans’ songwriting is one of his most notable assets. He has recorded over 70 of his songs on his 13 independent record releases.

Joe Myers incredible guitar playing is legendary in these parts. Myers’ versatility has led him to work in film, festivals, and production projects. He has long worked in tandem with renowned composer Brent Michael Davids (Kronos Quartet, Joffrey Ballet), creating original scores for “Last of the Mohicans”, and for Sherman Alexie’s film, “The Business of Fancy Dancing”, and performing live at the World Premier of “Silent Enemy” at the 1996 Santa Fe Film Fest. He has shared the stage with Daniel Lanois, David Wilcox, Adrian Legg, Todd Rundgren, Tori Amos, Adrian Belew, The Beach Boys, Warren Zevon and a list of other talented artists. Myers has also been awarded New Times’ “Best of Phoenix” soloist 4 times.

Born out of a passion for traditional and contemporary Celtic music, the music of Inis (aka The Inis Band“) ) is at once easy to recognize and hard to pigeonhole. From traditional Scottish ballads to modern Irish roots music to inspired originals and a few not-so-ethnic cover songs, the trio isn’t afraid to wander into treacherous musical waters if they’re convinced the results will be spectacular.   Becky Wolfe (acoustic & electric fiddles) is a champion with eight years’ experience. The vocal interplay of Chris Devine and Colleen Collins, and instrumental interplay among all three, is entertaining, passionate and fun … Acoustic music with flare and fire.

Also, 8 year old Gabriella Campbell Weber, joined us for some fine live performances of traditional Celtic music in honor of St Patricks Day.    We look forward to hearing more from this very talented young lady!

Happy Anniversary to US!   Can you believe its been a whole year?  Well, to celebrate, we brought on just a few of our favorite guests!     Chris Frazer, the godfather of the program joined us from AZ OPEN MIC and updated us on the latest Songwriters Challenge and other goings on and  favored us with a tune or two!    Mary Hoffman has been on a writing binge and shared some brand new material, and performed them live with her erstwhile guitarist extraordinaire, Darin Mahoney.  We did coax a solo out of him as well!    And we were really tickled to have Chris Burton Jacome with us and he will also be sharing some exciting news from the Cannes Film Festival AND some new material! But WAIT, there’s more!   Sara Robinson pinch hit for us and knocked one out of the park!  She joined us with some wonderful music and her customary energy and fine guitarist.   AND, our very special sometime co-host, and co-founder of the AZ CHICKS WITH PICKS, our lady of perpetual good humor and song, Rhonda Hitchcock was with us too!


We had a wonderful visit with touring musician Chris Hansen who joined us and shared some of his originals, and the very talented and innnovative guitarist Antoine Lester Solo Project.   And to cap it off we had a wonderful visit with Sydney Sprague, an up and coming mega talented young lady whose voice and delivery belie an artist with many more miles under her belt!  Watch her, she is going places!

Then, we aired Part 2 of our Tom Rush interview in which Tom tells some inside stories on how he came to be the first artist to record Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Jackson Browne, and all on one album!!


Ashley Norton and Delcoa, SVT, and Wayward Maggie!   Also, we broadcast some our interview with Tom Rush, legendary singer and songwriter, who introduced the world to Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, he shared some stories from his early days and his career which has spanned nearly 4 decades!